Eye Tracking

Client: Tasha Raella Chemel

Using eye tracking technology by Tobii, we developed two closely related applications for Windows that analyse the user’s gaze to provide vision evaluation and training for the visually impaired.

The Interactive Eye Training application presents the user with a series of tasks ranging from the most basic task of maintaining gaze on screen, to more advanced tasks such as moving gaze to a target area on screen, and converging the gaze of both eyes to within a given distance.

The Vision Evaluation application provides the user with a series of stimuli, such as images, movies, moving shapes, etc. Its primary function is to provide data which may be analysed to draw conclusions regarding which types of stimuli can be perceived by the user’s limited vision.

Both applications are made fully accessible through the use of keyboard navigation, supported by speech synthesis providing instructions and navigation feedback. Various audio techniques are also used within the applications to provide auditory feedback describing the user’s gaze position.

NOTE: The Vision Analysis and Interactive Eye Training applications were developed for research purposes and are currently not publicly available.