New Year!

We planned to write a new year post, just an update on what’s going on with us, but its already the 7th! Well, better late than never…


My Go has only really been working at full steam since October. Since then we’ve been really busy and learned a ton along the way.

We’ve discovered that the hardest bit of this is estimating how long something is going to take. Which is unfortunate because it is SO important! Getting those hard projects done is great though, and early this year we’ll get to see something we’ve worked on up on the app store.

So, 2014, a date which sounds like the future, despite the continuing absence of my self driving car (Google, get a move on). We’re already hard at work on our latest project and we’re talking to several people about what to follow it up with. It’s a really exciting time for us and we look forward to sharing more with you soon.


Finally, I promised more content on here than we’ve delivered! Another resolution (potentially destined for failure along with my diet plans) is to try and put up more stuff. I’ll post about what we’ve been playing when we’re supposed to be working, and maybe try to write some stuff up about how we’ve done things, so the internet can tell us that we’ve done it wrong.

For now, a slightly belated Happy New Year!

EverDead Shines at PAX East

Some old, but very exciting, news for you (we’re playing catch-up since we’ve only just got our website online this week):

RatDog Games’ “EverDead” (My Go’s first ever games contract, check it out on our Portfolio page!), made it onto Evolve’s top ten list of the best indie games of PAX East 2013! You can read about it here.

Starting out

Scary. It’s an over used word for new businesses. Whether its because you don’t know how everything works, or whether your company will work at all, we all describe starting out as scary. Eventually though, once you’ve made up your mind you’re going to have to jump in.

The list of tasks from that point can seem overwhelming! You’ve got to deal with money, you’ve got to get yourselves noticed and you’ve got to make sure all the right paperwork is filled in. All while actually trying to do the work you wanted to set up the business for in the first place.

Suddenly we’re a whole year in (albeit we spent a lot of that year only working part time). There has certainly been plenty we’ve done wrong. Plus, I’m sure hundreds of good opportunities we’ve missed out on, but beyond that, we’ve learned a lot and had a lot of fun in the bargain. We’re now working full-time on making My Go Studio a success and if you keep reading our blog we’ll keep you up to date on how we’re getting on.

See ya!