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Tell us your idea, and we’ll help you take it from whatever stage of development it’s at, to whatever stage you would like it to get to, whether that’s a design document, prototype, or finished game.

We can help you with all stages of game development, from initial design, prototyping, QA, to finished published games. We generally work in Unity, but our wide experience means we can adapt to and use other tools and APIs if you prefer.

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About Us

My Go Studio Ltd was founded in 2012 by ex visual effects programmers, Joe Lamont-Fisher and Ingrid Dahl-Olsen. Many years of developing tools and systems in the major London VFX studio Double Negative has given us invaluable experience in all aspects of software development.

We believe games are for everyone! Which is why we aim to develop amazing, captivating, unique games in any style and genre, for a wide range of platforms.

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Joe Lamont-Fisher

Joe's face

Games developer by day, games developer by night – Joe lives and breathes games. When he’s not making them for clients, he’s either playing them or scribbling down ideas to add to MyGo’s quickly growing database of future games.

Joe studied cybernetics at university, but soon after realised that robots weren’t all fun and games. So he got himself a job where he spent most days discussing dragons, fairies, aliens, and superheros, and how to push them all through the pipeline (at London VFX studio Double Negative). For years this was all fun, but still no games. Which is why he’s now co-founder/director, designer, and developer at My Go Studio!




Ingrid Dahl-Olsen

Ingrid spent several years trying to suppress her inner programmer, most notably by doing a degree in character animation. After three years of bouncing balls, flour sacks, and walk cycles, she could no longer fight her natural nerdiness, and decided to do a master’s in graphics programming. After excelling at the tought part of the course, she accidentally got offered a job she couldn’t refuse (R&D programmer at Double Negative), and finished her dissertation while working there.

After years of writing shiny tools for animators, deliberating over trolls, spells, and four-armed Martians, and drinking large amounts of Starbucks coffee, Ingrid felt it was time for a change. She started dabbling in games development with Joe, and before long landed her first freelance games contract, leading to the founding of My Go Studio in 2012.