An update and more Doppler!!!

Hello! Fancy seeing you here. We thought a little update might be in order…

Last time we posted we’d just released our first game Doppler and were basking in the glory of wild success… Alright, not glory (or success), but we’re still really proud of the game – we got some really positive feedback (thanks Mum!) and even a mention on two game of the year lists!

Still, our plans of early retirement have had to be delayed a little, so we had to do some work… we’ve been working on several client contracts the past few months. The results of some of that should be available soon, we’ll let you know! We’ve also got a couple more exciting projects starting to shape up.

We’ve also been beavering away getting Doppler ready to release on Windows Phone. We got a shiny new Lumia (really nice phone) and converted the project with relatively little pain. Unity is really good like that!

What’s more, this new version is FREE! All the same modes and features but no need to reach for the credit card. Ok, it is ad supported, but its quite restrained and hopefully wont damage the experience for anyone. We’re really hoping that going free will help us get more eyes on the game and help it gain a bit of traction on the store. Plus, if you find you’d rather just see Doppler as nature intended, there’s an option to pay to get rid of those pesky popups!

How much is this, you ask? Twitchy fingers hovering near your bank cards… Only £0.79 ($0.99) for full, unlimited ad-free goodness! Plus, to match this new lower price point, we’re reducing the price of the iOS and Android versions to stay inline!

These new prices, and the Windows Phone version should be live now, so if you haven’t picked it up already, go take a look at our game page which features all the download links

Have fun!

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