The Line [Working Title]

Our first actual announcement!  Well, sort of, we’ve been working on something for a few weeks while we wrangle some contracts and it’s started to come together into something we think is quite interesting!

What is it?

The Line (a better name is on our to-do list!) is an action game for mobiles. Inspired by one of those old wire loop games you might have played. We didn’t want to simply take that and copy it though, we just took the idea of not touching this line and tried to build something fast and exciting. We’re going for that ‘just one more go’ feeling you get from games like Super Hexagon.

How does it work?

Place a finger on either side of the line to create a connection to it. Then simply avoid it! Touching, letting go or breaking the connection makes you lose charge. Holding close can build it back up.

The game rapidly increases the difficulty through set levels and only absolute concentration will see the player get a top score. This gets pretty frantic!

We’re still working on the look and deciding the final feature set, once that’s done we’ll make a dedicated page and trailer. For now, here are some screens:

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