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“Doppler by My Go Studio is an infinite twitch reflex game that will keep you charged up. It is similar to other games like Pivvot, Duet Game, and Super Hexagon. If you’re a fan of this genre, then it should go without saying that Doppler is another one to add to your growing collection.”

— App Advice

“Doppler is a multi-touch twitch game for IOS, that stands out by delivering a unique mechanic that’s more than the usual dodge left, dodge right style of gameplay seen in the genre.”

— Indie Game Enthusiast

“Doppler – bringing the wire loop game up to date”

— Within the Game

“Lends itself to the addictive ‘I can beat my high score’ mentality that mobile games thrive on.”

— The Indie Scent

Doppler is a simple addictive action game for touchscreen devices. Remember those wire loop games where you slowly guide a metal ring along a twisting wire and try not to touch it? This isn’t really a lot like that. That is where our inspiration came from though, we just decided to make it faster, tougher and with more particles.

In Doppler you’re tasked with maintaining the charge of a line that twists and turns towards you. In an exciting take on touch screen controls you place one finger on either side to form a connection – let go, touch the line, or stray too wide, and you’ll lose charge; stay close and you get some back. That’s it. Hold on! Only absolute concentration will see the you get very far. Take your best time to the leaderboards and compete with friends to see who’s the best!

The game features 3 modes of gameplay to test the player in different ways:

The game takes you through 5 stages of increasing speed and challenges the player to survive as long as they can. Making mistakes costs you charge and you can earn this back by playing well and filling a boost bar.

This mode strips things back, no levelling and no charge. It’s fast from the start and hitting the line or letting go here is an instant game over.

Time Attack
Here we have 12 unique tracks that increase in difficulty. Mistakes cost you speed. Can you earn the three stars for each track?



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