What we’ve been playing… OlliOlli

So, it’s a been a few months since the last one of these, and they’ve mostly been pretty busy! I’ve managed to fit in some games though, pretty much all on the PS Vita. I love that thing!

Most played game over the last few months then?

OlliOlli, 2D platformer skateboarding! One of those easy to pick up, painfully, frustratingly, Vita throwingly hard to master games that really takes over your free time!

First up it quickly teaches you the basic control set before setting you free into the main game: simple taps and gestures for launching a trick, landing, spinning and grinding. Your job is to thread as many of these together as you can to get the most points. These commands really are simple but its amazing how much your brain (well, my brain at least) can’t be relied on to get it right. It’s d-pad to grind and x to land, Brain, sort it out! Even this wouldn’t be too hard except that most of the points you earn over a set of tricks rely on you getting a perfect landing –  is a quick tap with a split second timing requirement. So an amazing bit of thumb dexterity over a set of tricks and grinds can all amount to next to nothing with a mistimed press. It gets tense!

Great fun to play and the short levels make it perfect for little bursts of play on the Vita at any time. Get it!

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