Wow, its April. Where has the time gone?! I mean, we lost an hour the other day, but unless I’ve missed something I don’t think that’s been happening a lot?!

So, since last time, what’s been going on? We’ve been busy again, spending most of our time developing a game for our client Vasco Games. The game is a lane strategy game called Pesky Humans, check it out on our portfolio page!

It’s doing well so far, sitting somewhere between 5-10K downloads at the moment. If you want to help us push it over 10K, it’s available on Google Play, and it’s FREE (ad and IAP supported)! :)

Other than that, we’ve also continued to work with our friends RatDog Games on their upcoming title Drykkur, more details on that here.

We’ve also written some more blog stuff which we’ll be putting up over the next few weeks, the first one probably being a bumper What We’ve Played post!

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