What we’ve been playing…. Teslagrad!

I said this would happen, so I thought I’d better do at least one post! Thought it would be nice to share some of what we’re playing when we’re not making games. Which, to be honest, isn’t a lot of the time! I’ll will try and do this every couple of weeks though.

This last couple of weeks has seen a new favourite game for us… Teslagrad! Rain Games’ new magnetism powered platformer. The initial draw of this one is the lovely art and animation style; it’s the finely tuned mechanics that keep you interested though. Playing as a small boy escaping capture in an oppressive city you find items granting Teslamancer powers. The first of these is a pair of gloves that allow you to make certain objects magnetic and change their polarity. This leads to lots of well devised puzzle sections, especially later as you gain more powers and use them in combination. It’s always tricky enough to test you without becoming frustrating. The boss battles deserve a mention too, each one an interesting test of the players ability to use their powers in different ways.

On the whole, definitely well worth a look!


Aaaaand, judging by the Unity logo as it starts up, Teslagrad is created in the free version of Unity! Which is just another hint that Unity is an absolutely amazing tool for creating games in every genre and style. You just have to to bring your imagination.

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