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Another Doppler Update

We’re making good progress now! Doppler finally has all the features in and now we’re working on tidying, polishing and just generally making everything ready for the release. What are the final features? Well, we’ve mentioned Leaderboards and achievements before,

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Doppler’s first press!

Doppler has had its first press! A beta review from the folks over at Within the Game. We’re very excited that they enjoyed it! Here’s a quote…. Doppler has the addictiveness mobile games thrive upon down perfectly – once you lose, it immediately

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Doppler Update!

Hello! We’ve been working away on our game Doppler since announcing and made some good progress since the first update! Not least giving it the name Doppler! We went through reams and reams of names before we found one we

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“Doppler by My Go Studio is an infinite twitch reflex game that will keep you charged up. It is similar to other games like Pivvot, Duet Game, and Super Hexagon. If you’re a fan of this genre, then it should

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The Line [Working Title]

Our first actual announcement!  Well, sort of, we’ve been working on something for a few weeks while we wrangle some contracts and it’s started to come together into something we think is quite interesting! What is it? The Line (a better

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What we’ve been playing… OlliOlli

So, it’s a been a few months since the last one of these, and they’ve mostly been pretty busy! I’ve managed to fit in some games though, pretty much all on the PS Vita. I love that thing! Most played

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Wow, its April. Where has the time gone?! I mean, we lost an hour the other day, but unless I’ve missed something I don’t think that’s been happening a lot?! So, since last time, what’s been going on? We’ve been

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What we’ve been playing…. Teslagrad!

I said this would happen, so I thought I’d better do at least one post! Thought it would be nice to share some of what we’re playing when we’re not making games. Which, to be honest, isn’t a lot of

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Animirror Promo Video

Howdy! Quick update to let people know that our client has a promo video of Animirror up on Vimeo. It’ll be coming soon to the App Store, we’ll let you know when… ANIMIRROR DEMO from ANIMIRROR on Vimeo.

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New Year!

We planned to write a new year post, just an update on what’s going on with us, but its already the 7th! Well, better late than never… My Go has only really been working at full steam since October. Since

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